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8 Football Celebrations That Were Just Too Much To Handle

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Football can be a brutal sport. It takes immense physical strength, as well as mental endurance, in order to coordinate a win against another team of equally dedicated athletes. So it makes sense that when you manage to pull off an amazing play, you would want to celebrate a little!

While excessive dancing or props are generally things that will get you fined in many leagues, some players choose to ignore the warnings and just cut loose!

Here are a couple of hilarious ways that they cross the line!

Limbo Limbo Limbo!

This Canadian team decided to raise the bar on celebrations!

You Gotta Give It To The Rookie

It was John Brown's rookie year, and when he scored an absolutely incredible touchdown, he wanted to really shake it off!

Slam Dunk!

Mixing up the sports here, but I'm sure Jimmy Graham wasn't the first player who wanted to dunk on the goal posts.

A Charitable Cause

They say the best donation you can give is your time, well, maybe Ezekiel Elliot took that too literally when he actually donated himself to the Salvation Army collection kettle.

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