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8 Things You Didn't Know Your Kitchen Was Missing

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Fancy yourself a budding Julia Child? Want to try out chef level dishes? Maybe you would like to step up your dinner parties to impress your family and friends? No matter what your intention is, here are eight affordable appliances that top kitchens across the country are using to improve their stations!

Cast-Iron Skillet

Well-known by professional chefs to be a superior cooking tool for many home-style dishes, the cast-iron skillet offers many advantages to typical frying pans. Due to it's iron composition, it is able to retain heat for far longer, and with careful maintenance can be seasoned to prevent rusting and create a natural non-stick surface. You can snag your own right here!

Kitchen Scale

While there's no denying that cooking is an art form, incorporating science into the process allows you to reproduce even the most complex recipes. The benefits of having an accurate scale become immediately apparent through any genre of cuisine and any situation where efficient measuring is needed. This one from AccuWeight calculates up to 11 lbs and down to just 0.1 oz!

Cheese Cloth

One of those little-known but often used pieces of a chef repertoire, a cheese cloth becomes a necessary addition for many cooking formulas. Primarily used in the cheese-making industry, it can also be utilized in filtering wine, straining broth, and turkey basting. You can pick them up pretty cheap for many sq. feet of cloth!

Pasta Maker Machine

You don't have to be a master of Italian cooking to make your own pasta at home! This hand crank cutter with nine different settings won't break your budget and allows you to create signature spaghetti dishes in no time!

Here are more handy tools to have around the kitchen that chefs consider essential for their trade!

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