8 People Who Narrowly Escaped Death And Lived To Tell The Tale

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Whether you believe in miracles or coincidences, there's no denying that seemingly small decisions can be the difference between life and death. Some people have survived falling off an airplane, others die on an amusement park ride, but there are many who managed to cheat death in the most fascinating ways and lived to tell the tale. Here are some of them:

1. Woman who almost got hit by a train

Earlier this year, a woman in New Zealand almost got herself killed at a train crossing while attempting to get to the other side of the tracks. The Auckland woman stopped to look to her right side, but not to her left before walking, all the while the bells and lights signaling an oncoming train were on.

Luckily, the driver stepped on the emergency brakes and the train missed her by a few inches. She escaped unscathed, but we bet she was shaken for a while after.

2. West Side Baptist Church Explosion

The explosion took place 60 years ago but it still remains in the minds of the members of the choir who would've died had they all been on time for practice.


Each of the 15 members of the church choir had a different reasons for not making their 7:25pm call time, avoiding a natural gas explosion that occurred at 7:27pm. One member's car broke down on the way to the church, another traced their way back home to turn off a furnace they left on, the pianist accidentally fell asleep after dinner and one man lost track of time while taking care of his young sons.

Their miraculous story was the subject of a 1989 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

3. The Woman Who Survived Decapitation

We've all watched enough episodes of  Untold Stories of the ER on TLC to know that anything is possible when it comes to injuries, but Shannon Malloy's story takes the top spot.

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Malloy was involved in a serious car crash and when she was transported to the hospital doctors found that the ligaments and tendon connecting her spinal cord to her skull were all severed. She suffered internal decapitation and her head was only connected to her body by skin and muscle.

In most cases, the patient wouldn't survive this type of injury, but after doctors reattached her skull, she recovered well enough to avoid paralysis.

4. The World's Luckiest Unlucky Man

Frane Selak's story sounds like it is straight out of a movie script, but it is indeed true. The croatian teacher has had 7 run-ins with death, but escaped every single time.


Between 1962 and 1996, Selak survived a train wreck, a bus crash, an airplane crash, fell off a cliff, was hit by a city bus and made it out of two car explosions.

In an unexpected twist, the unlucky man decided to play the lottery in 2003 and ended up winning $1 million dollars. He later realized that money can't buy happiness so in 2010 he sold his home on the private island and gave away his fortune to family and friends. The 88-year-old now lives a modest life free of incidents.

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