8 Things About Britain Every American Should Find Strange

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Americans may find that most of their ancestry hails from the British Isles, but after the revolution, that's about where the similarities stop.

Brits do things a lot differently than we do, especially in their own homes. Take a look at these 8 things that you will find strange if you ever find yourself as a guest in one of their homes.

1. Electrical Sockets

If you have ever seen any comedy movie set in western-Europe, there are always hilarious antics associated with the difference in European electrical sockets. In Britain, not only are they orientated differently, they also have their own on and off switches. This is to ensure that your appliance doesn't automatically turn on the second that you plug it in.  

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2. The Bathroom

When you say the word "bathroom" in North America, it is awknowledged that you are talking about a room where you can bathe or relieve yourself. In Britain they are quite specific, a bathroom is the room you go to clean up, it doesn't always have a toilet inside. If you want to use the toilet, you literally have to specify that.

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3. And about those bathrooms

Washing your hands after doing your business is not only paramount to health and cleanliness, it is basic common sense. But occasionally you will find a "toilet" in Britain that doesn't include a sink. You will have to find one somewhere else in the house... eww.  


4. Hot and cold water are completely separate

When you go to the sink in your North American home, you usually have one faucet with two separate knobs. Water then mixes in the pipes and comes out at the temperature that we want. In Britain, you have separate faucets for both hot and cold water. You have to pick and choose which you want and go from there.

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