8 Ways For Busy Moms To Relax in Just 5 Minutes

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Has it been a long day? From rushing the kids off to school, to a workday filled with meetings and paperwork during what should have been your lunch, you know that when your day used to end, it's really only the beginning when the kids walk in the door in the afternoon.

From giving them a snack, while you try to get dinner together, clean up from breakfast, helping with homework, bath-time before the bedtime routine begins, there isn't a moment's peace in a busy mom's day.

If your stress-level calls for a day away from it all in total silence, being pampered by a whole bunch of strangers that don't ask any questions other than, "Can I get you another drink" sounds like paradise- then keep reading.  

Take a Moment of Mindfulness

This form of meditation can be done with routine tasks of the day and can help keep your nerves in check. Before picking up the kids from school, turn off your phone and make yourself a cup of tea. Use all your senses during the process. Feel the warmth on your hand, the steam in your nose, the warm liquid in your throat. You can can also do this in the shower or while petting the dog. The feeling will help you feel more centered and slow down on some of your tasks, says Kristen Race, Ph.D., author of Mindful Parenting.

Take a Deep Breath of a Pleasant Scent

Tired of cleaning up dirty diapers and old dry food off the couch? Try a better scent to help you relax.

Certified Aromatherapist and mother of 3 under 6 years old, Amber Duncan always has these on hand to help her recharge.

  1. Holy Basil — Waking yourself up
  2. Scent Spearmint — Clearing a foggy brain
  3. Frankincense — Easing anxiety
  4. Lavender — Centering yourself when frazzled
  5. Ho Wood — Fighting off the virus your kid brought home

Escape into a Book

I don't remember the last time I was able to finish a book, mainly because I don't remember being left uninterrupted long enough to finish a chapter. Research has found that silent reading slows your heart rate and reduces muscle tension within 6 minutes. So no, bedtime stories to the kiddies don't count for this. Try picking up a book of short stories or Poems, so that you can realistically use this method to help you relax.

Energize with a Smoothie

Did you skip lunch again? We have all been there. If you feel like you can slow down long enough to devour a sandwich, try a smoothie.

Pop nutritious ingredients into a blender for 90 seconds and not only will you be feeling full, but your energy levels will go up.

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