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8-Year-Old Boy With Autism Has Perfected The Thriller Dance

William Ryan is an 8-year-old boy who has won a contest by a cottage leasing agency. They were holding a webcam contest that people were supposed to dance in front of the camera on the boardwalk and would win a gift basket of prizes. His mother, Gemma Ryan, shared his story in the comments which makes the win for young William even sweeter.

It says:

"Can I just take the opportunity on behalf of my husband and myself to thank you all for all the wonderful and kind comments.Three years ago, when William was five he was diagnosed with autism. He struggled to communicate, struggled academically in school and continues to struggle to socialise and make friends but about eighteen months ago his Dad introduced him (via YouTube) to the wonders of Michael Jackson and he watched his videos for hours on end and learnt all his routines off by heart. He's never been to a dance school for a single lesson - he finds them too intimidating. He had taught himself how to dance like MJ and absolutely adores him!We mentioned the webcam comp to him and the first thing he said was 'Mummy can I do Thriller please?'He loves to dance and as I've been reading your comments to him it has blown his mind that so many people like him!Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.xxx"

Willaim's performance of the Thriller dance is amazing. He has never had any formal training, but all those hours watching videos with his dad have paid off. He completely nails every moment of the iconic routine. The best part, was that the company who held the contest decided after William had already picked up his prize that he deserved even more.

The family has been awarded a free stay at the Old Beach House to celebrate Williams new viral dance skills. William has enjoyed his winnings, even sharing it with his little brother, purchasing him a new Thomas train.

His mom shared an image of the gift basket that was filled with treats and a gift card for £25 worth of toys.

William must feel like a little celebrity now! Check out the video below and see how awesome this guys dance moves are. The strange this is, everyone around just keeps walking. I would have stopped and cheered this little man on! So impressive.

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