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Determined 8-Year-Old Violinist Won't Let Hand Disability Stop Her

There will always be challenges in life, but it is what we do with those challenges that sets us apart from the rest.

Nicki is a bubbly 8-year-old girl who loves to bake cookies, skate, ride horses and play the violin. However, unlike most little girls, Nicki was born with with a hand deformity. Her right hand is significantly smaller and less functional then her left, so she cannot use it in the same way that the rest of us would use our second hand.

Her mother explains that she had to learn how avoid setting limitations on what Nicki could and couldn't do. As parents, their challenge was to step back and simply allow their bright little girl to figure things out. Because of her resourcefulness, Nicki always seemed to come up with her own way of getting a job done. "She has never stopped excelling or impressing us with what she can do despite her deformity," says her mother.

In order to play the violin, Nicki wears a special attachment on her right arm that allows her to draw a straight bow and get sound out of the instrument. No challenge is too big for this bright light. She is willing to practice over and over until she masters the song and it's pretty obvious that her hard work and dedication is paying off! At 1:20 she smiles confidently as she runs the bow across the strings with precision. This little girl's can-do attitude is an inspiration to many of the adults in her life, including her school principle, Carrie Contrad. She says that children who excel need grit in order to suceed, and that "... they need perserverence, they need that ability to take a risk and try something - that is something that Nicki has in spades."

Purely by being who she is, "Nicole is teaching us that life has no limits and that we should perservere, every step of the way."

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