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80 Strangers Form A Human Chain To Rescue A Drowning Family

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It took quick thinking and a strong grip, but 80 people managed to rally together to save the lives of 9 struggling in the powerful tide at Panama City Beach in Florida.

A strong riptide trapped six family members and three other swimmers in its swift current on July 8, 2017. When they heard their cries for help, 80 strangers on the beach linked hands and formed a long human chain stretching from the shore into the water up to their necks to rescue the drowning swimmers.

Roberta Ursrey was swimming in the water at the beach with her husband, mother, newphews and sons when she decided to return to shore. The Panama City News Herald reports that when Ursrey turned back, they seemed farther out than before - that's when she heard their screams.

Here's how more than 80 strangers banded together to rescue 9 ...

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