84-Year-old Doctor Loses Her License Because She Doesn't Know How To Use A Computer

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However, when confronted with the allegations, Konopka was quick to set the story straight, by making it clear the patient was never in harm's way and "the issue was that the boy's mother disregarded her instructions."

Coming from a era without today's advancement in modern technology, Konopka admits she only has a landline in her tiny home-office and the concept of sending an email is challenging.

She said while she's not opposed to be trained on a computer, she refuses to purchase an electronic record system for her office due to the cost the machine would impose.

"I can't afford that. Everything is expensive. I would have to raise the fee and many people don't have insurance," she said. "I’m interested in helping people. I didn’t go to medicine for money, and I didn’t make money."

Several patients have come to Konopka's defense by writing about the physician's excellent treatment, which were given to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Registered nurse, Susan Grace Nagel said she's driven her children 170 miles for appointments with the former doctor.

“No distance could keep me from getting my children the best care I could possibly find,” she wrote.

When denied to have her license reissued in court on Friday, Konopka was told if she wishes to pursue further action, she must  file for reconsideration with the Board of Medicine.

Do you think Konopka's medical license should be reinstated?

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