9 Clever Ways To Recycle Your Banana Peels

What would you say if I told you 50% of the money you spent on something was going to waste?

Believe it or not, that's what's happening to your banana peels. There are all kinds of hidden uses for banana peels  that you've never realized. They're great for cleaning, first aid, as a beauty product, and even fixing things around the house.

So next time you peel open a tasty banana, make sure you know how to get the most out of it with these handy tips!

1. Remove a splinter easily

Sometimes you just can't seem to get a good grip on a splinter, and if it's stuck in one of your kid's hands, you can look forward to a lot of tears trying to pull it out. Next time you're in that situation, stick a banana peel on the splinter white side down and wait 20 minutes. The peel draws the wood out of your skin, so pulling it out is quick and painless!

2. Itchy bug bite

Another annoying problem that can get under your skin is bug bites. The "itchy" part of the bite is the inflammation under your skin, so rub a banana on top of it (the same way we did with the splinters) and the starch in the peel will keep the swelling down. This also works for plant rashes like poison ivy, so bring a few bananas on your next camping trip!

3. Banana fly trap

This clever trick works with banana slices or the peel. You put the fruit in the bottom of a mason jar and stuff a paper cone in the top. Pesky flies will fly in to get the fruit and be stuck. If you don't have a jar lying around, poke a small hole in a yogurt container lid and put the peel in that instead.

4. Cover up shoe scuffs

If an ugly on your mark on your leather shoes refuses to go away, relax, have a banana, and keep the peel when you're done. There's potassium in shoe leather, so when you rub the white side of the peel on your scuffs, then add a little polish, they'll look good as new.

5. Make a scratched CD or DVD work again

We've all been there before: your favorite CD starts to skip one day and you worry that it's lost forever. Before you rush out to replace it, rub a banana peel over the scratch, then wipe off the residue. The peel is full of natural wax, which fills in the scratched plastic without damaging it.

6. Whiten your teeth for free

Try this new morning routine: every morning eat a banana, then rub the white side of the peel on your teeth. After a few days they'll look much better. So how does this work? Banana peels have lots of gentle citric acid, which cleans the dirty top layer of your teeth so they look white. Plus, you get an extra serving of fruit every day too!

7. Keep grilled chicken juicy

If you're trying to eat healthy, you make a lot of grilled chicken every week, but it can dry out and lose its flavor so easily. Next time, put a banana peel on top of the chicken while it's grilling. This acts like "skin" on the chicken, so it stays juicy every time. Plus, you get a whiff of that nice banana smell on every bite.

8. Wipe off pen marks easily

Nobody likes having ink on their hands. It looks gross, and it's impossible to wipe off. Soap and water barely seems to do anything. If your pen explodes at the office and there's a banana lying around in the breakroom, try rubbing the white side over the mark. The banana's oil loosens up the ink's bond with your skin so it wipes away easily.

9. Add some life to your houseplants

It always happens: you find a houseplant that you really love, then before you know it, it's all droopy and wilting. From now on, every time you have a banana, share it with your houseplants (don't worry, you keep the fruit and they'll take the peel). Rubbing a banana peel on your houseplant's leaves is an easy way to  keep dust off of them, plus the juices help to rejuvenate the plant's leaves.

Are there any of these you'd love to try? Share this list with somebody you know so they can use them too!

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