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9 Drinks To Help You Get Through Those Warm Summer Days

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The days are getting longer and hotter, which means it's time for swimming pools, swimsuits and suntan lotion. It's also time for crushing heat waves, pulling the blinds shut and cranking up the A/C. When the rising thermometer sends you running to the basement to cool down, the best thing to do is break out the cold drinks.

Whether you mix in some flavored ice cubes and sit on the porch or float in the pool next to your homemade cooler, these drinks will bring the party wherever you go this summer.

Like the summer, all these drinks are bright and cheery. After all, nothing makes me happier than an ice cold cocktail!

1. Tequila Sunset

We can't all afford to take a trip south of the border and lounge in a cantina, but anyone can make this refreshing mixed drink that combines lime, pineapple juice and peach schnapps with tequila.

2. White Whine Sangria

This is sunshine in a glass: orange and pineapple juice with white whine and rum splashed in. If you're relaxing in the backyard without one of these in your hand, is it even summer?

3. Hard Lemonade Kiwi Coolers

This drink is served in an orange peel with a citrus fruit garnish, and that's not even the best part. The blend of honey, vodka and kiwi really hits the spot at lunchtime (or dinner or breakfast, we won't judge).

4. Rainbow Sangria

When you're hosting a get-together and need to remind your friends who's the neighborhood's #1 host, this intricate drink won't leave any doubt in their mind. Just don't get carried away and eat all the fruit before you serve them up!

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