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9 Everyday Chances You May Be Missing To Give Back To Those Who Need It

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While it is common for people to volunteer their time and money for a good cause around the holidays, the other 11 months of the year, people may forget to show their generosity.

While it's easy around Christmas to find a toy drive to contribute to, a soup kitchen to volunteer at, or a fundraiser to take part in, helping those less fortunate may not seem as easy during the rest of the year.

Well here are 9 ways for you to give back in your everyday life that won't cost you to make a big donation to a charity.

Share Your Talents

Whether you're an expert knitter or you practice yoga, find an organization that can use your expertise. Whether you're making winter hats for the homeless or teaching yoga classes at a local Boys and Girls Club, there's definitely someone that can benefit from your knowledge.

Donate Blood

Donating blood easily slips our mind until we experience a life event that requires us to accept help from others. This simple 10-minute act of kindness costs you nothing and can provide life-saving emergency care for someone who needs it.

Volunteer for a Crisis Hotline

Put your listening skills to good use by answering the phone when someone needs help. Some of these centers require background checks and some training, but once you're through the screening process you can actually be a friendly ear for someone who just needs to help. Don't worry about getting in over your head, there are trained counselors there if your call requires more than just someone to listen.

Donate Your Stuff

From canned goods to clothing, you can donate just about anything with a non-profit. The food banks are always looking for help to stock shelves, so if you can afford to part with some of your non-perishables, it's a great way to feed hungry people in your community. Schedule pick-ups with non-profits such as Purple Heart, the Lupus Foundation which collect everything from household items to appliances.

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