9 Gift Ideas For The Couples On Your List

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Yup, we're already talking about it. Christmas is quickly upon us and the rush to get the perfect gifts for each person on your list is underway. What do you get the people in your life? This can be especially difficult when you're dealing with a "couple". Those two people in a relationship that you might only have a strong connection to one of them, but you don't want to be disrespectful to the other; what do you do?

We have been asking ourselves the same question and thought we could help you out with 9 suggestions of what to get those couples on your Christmas list.

1. Board Games

A throwback to growing up, board games are a great way to spend some quiet quality time for any couple. It is also a great way to have another couple over for a quiet night of food, drink, and fun. If you're fishing for that double-date invite, this is the way to go.

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2. Free Babysitting

As a parent myself, this is the greatest gift that you could ever give any couple that has children; a night away from the insanity of raising kids without having to worry about finding a babysitter.

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3. Cooking Classes

Couples cooking together can be a lot of fun. I would assume that it would be more fun if both people knew how to fry an egg? Sending out a couple for a tandem cooking class can give them another aspect of their relationship that they can do together at home.

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4. Something absolutely ridiculous

You don't have to get them something that is "useful". You could go out of your way to get them something fun, quirky and reasonably unique. I don't know, perhaps, his and hers adult onesies? Make it fun and they will love it all the same.

5. Tickets to the "show"

It doesn't matter what the show is; ballet, a concert, a movie, or the comedy club. A night out on the town can be just what the doctor ordered for any couple. And if the tickets are free all the better.

Not liking any of these options? We still have four more for ya!

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