9 Weird Things People Do In Australia

Every country does things a little differently, that's what gives a place character and sets it apart from the rest of the world.

But Australians seem to love setting themselves really far apart from eveyrone else. It's an big island with some small differences from pretty much everywhere else on the planet, and these little things can seem really strange to foreigners.

For instance, on election day if the person next to you was wearing a bathing suit, you would probably be a little weirded out, but this is considered normal Down Under.

Here are nine other weird differences you'll notice about Australia and the people who live there. Remember: when in Australia, do as the Aussies do! (Even if it feels a little silly.)


1. Buy Chocolate With Disgusting Flavors

In case you're not familiar, Vegemite is a spread made from leftover yeast that Australia is in love with. It's been described by experts such as Barack Obama as "horrible," and after Steve Harvey tried some on his show he compared it to pesticide, so you can bet Australia is the only country where people will try these Vegemite-flavored chocolate bars.

2. Go Swimming In Pink Lakes

No, that's not a giant Pop-Tart, it's Lake Hillier in western Australia. In case you're wondering why this lake has a weird pastel color, nobody's actually sure why. The best guess is that bacteria in the lake give it the signature pink color, but researchers still don't know for sure.

3. Live In An Absurdly Big Country

Australia isn't the world's biggest country, but almost everything about it is b-i-g BIG. Ayers Rock (or Uluru), the country's most famous natural landmark, is taller than the Eiffel tower. Plus there's the Great Barrier Reef, which is so long that if you laid it out on top of Europe, it would stretch from the Netherlands to southern Italy and back again.

4. Catch Their Former Leader Chugging A Beer

Bob Hawke was Australia's Prime Minister from the early 80s into the 90s, making him the country's longest serving leader. Despite all that, what he's probably most famous for is his drinking. Hawke set a world record for drinking 2 and a half pints of beer in 11 seconds, which he says helped his political career by making him seem more approachable.

5. Catch Wild Pigs Drinking 18 Beers

Yes, speaking of drinking even the wild animals in Australia seem to get up to it, and people have to be on their guard or else they'll wake up to a nasty surprise like these campers did. Apparently, these campers said they didn't have any hard feelings towards the pig, they just wish he'd left their beer alone.

6. Hold A Boat Race In The Desert

The story goes that Aussies were so unimpressed by British sailing culture that they set up their own "boat" race on dry land just to mock it, the Henley-on-Todd regatta. It's the only race of its kind in the world, and it was actually cancelled once because of flooding, which doesn't happen to most boat races.

7. Live Underground

Alright, so most Australians live above ground like the rest of us, but the good people of Coober Pedy, an opal mining town in South Australia, make their homes underground. Temperatures often go above 40 degrees Celsius there, so the townspeople stay cool by living below the surface. Visitors can see the town, tour the underground church and graveyard, and even stay in an underground hotel.

8. Give Koalas Business Class Seats

To make the trip from Australia to the Singapore Zoo more bear-able, Qantas let these fuzzy koalas ride in style, with hot towels and a complimentary eucalyptus snack. The airline even brought them fresh shipments of eucalyptus until they got settled into their new home, now that's Australian hospitality.

9. Be Outnumbered By Kangaroos

Eighty-three percent of people in Australia live near the coast. That leaves a huge chunk of the country basically empty -except for the millions of kangaroos roaming the outback. With 25 million kangaroos and only 23 million people, Australia is basically one big nature reserve with a few people living on the outskirts, which is fine with us because kangaroos are adorable.

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