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9 Year Old Genius Goes To College To Prove God Exists

He is not your ordinary 9-year-old boy.

Sure, he likes video games, sports and joking around with his friends; but, intellectually, William Maillis is leaps and bounds beyond his peers.

This spring, the kid genius graduated from high school and is now studying at the Community College of Allegheny County.

He tells PEOPLE that he wants to study physics and chemistry of space, earn a doctorate degree and work as an astrophysicist. He will enroll at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg next fall.

His goal? To prove that God exists.

"I want to prove to everybody that God does exist," he says, "by showing that only an outside force could be capable of forming the cosmos. "

William is the youngest of three children to parents Peter and Nancy Maillis. Peter is a Greek Orthodox priest who has instilled within his children a sense of faith and responsibility to use their God-given gifts for good.

Rather than push him in any particular direction, his parents decided to let him follow his interests.

"I just want him to appreciate the gift he has, which I think he does," Maillis said. "I tell him, 'God gave you a gift. The worst thing would be to reject that gift and not use it for the betterment of the world.' "

We think he's well on his way to doing just that!

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