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9-Year-Old's Cover Of Whitney Houston Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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ABC 13

It seems like every day there's a new viral singing sensation that takes the world by storm, but Dane Miller stands apart from the crowd.

The 9-year-old from Prosper, Texas was recorded by his family singing along to Whitney Houston's hit song "I Have Nothing" from the soundtrack to The Bodyguard last week. Since then, millions have seen and shared the adorable video of Dane backing up the musical legend.

It's a cute video, but it also has a special meaning for the Miller family, because Dane was born with Down syndrome. He's very high functioning, meaning he can talk - and sing - just like most kids.

But sometimes a song just seems to capture his imagination, and that's what happened when his parents played Whitney Houston for him.

"We did just watch a documentary on her about a month ago, and so he started downloading some of her songs and that was the one he just got stuck on,” his mom Danna told ABC.

Dane has a big voice for such a little kid, and he's not afraid to sing along when Houston hits the high notes.

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