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A Bacon Lover's Kitchen Needs One Of These Right Away

Bacon is delicious. That is a pretty solid fact. However, cooking bacon is a hassle and so the creative people of the Nostalgia company have created an easier and apparently healthier way to cook your bacon.

Meet the Bacon Express. It looks kind of like a toaster, but instead of boring old bread, it creates perfectly cooked bacon without any of the annoying mess.

No more bacon splatter on your arms, just set up to 6 pieces of bacon into the machine, close it up and in few minutes you will be eating bacon cooked right to your specifications! So no matter if you like your bacon crispy or a bit chewy, there is an option for everyone.

This is one of those infomercial type products that might seem a bit much, but you know you want one. I know I do! By cooking the bacon vertically it drains all the grease away so you are just left with the yummy flavors. I am not kidding when I say I want one, this thing looks amazing.

If you want one one of your own, you can get them over on amazon for $40.

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