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A Baseball Team Owner Is Suing His Own Fans

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In baseball it's 3 strikes and you're out. Fans of the Miami Marlins must be wishing it was so easy to get billionaire Jeff Loria out.

The long-time owner of the Miami Marlins has been embroiled in scandal for years, but it's his latest move of suing 9 of his own fans, that has the baseball owners up in arms.

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To fully understand just why local newspapers call Loria "The worst owner in professional sports" you have to start at the beginning - with a $2 billion defrauding of the tax payers.

Strike One

Way back in 2010, Loria and his team's president David Samson, approached Miami-Dade county with plans to build a new, state-of-the-art stadium in Little Havana. The gorgeous property was to cost a whopping $645 million and be funded, in part, by the people of Miami-Dade county.

Samson asked for money to be ponied up by the government. He claimed that the baseball team barely broke even, and needed help to compete with bigger markets like New York, Boston and Texas.

Loria and Samson
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Mayor Carlos Alvarez agreed, and signed the contract, despite stiff opposition. The city agreed to finance 75% of the cost of the stadium, meaning the team only chipped in about $155 million. The contract also stated that all cash generated from ticket sales, concession sales and naming rights went to the team, and the team alone.

Alvarez pushed through the deal without having a referendum, meaning the people of Miami were on the hook without having a say. The mayor was eventually ousted in the largest ever recall of a local politician, with 88% voting for him to be removed from office.

Miami and The Beaches

Financial experts say the deal cost the city about $2.4 billion in lost revenue.

But that's not the worst of it.

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