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A Christmas Miracle Helped Her Walk Again [Video]

In 1993, Ema McKinley was terribly injured after falling off a storage loft at her work.

Striking her head on the way down, McKinley soon became afflicted with a painfully crooked leg, then was confined to a wheelchair. Later, she lost the use of her left hand, and her body twisted painfully to one side.

These were all the symptoms of a painful condition known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

For 18 years, her condition kept her trapped in her wheelchair, and she even risked having her legs amputated because of blood clots.

But throughout her ordeal, McKinley never lost faith.

"I partnered up with God, because this accident was bigger than I could handle," she said.

Finally, after nearly 20 years of suffering, a Christmas miracle brought her relief.

Wow! This incredible story just shows the power of faith in our lives. Like McKinley said, "I kept pressing forward each and every day," that's really all we can do sometimes.

This stunning transformation is proof that you should never lose hope!

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