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A Christmas Tree Farmer Found This Wedding Ring That Was Lost For 15 Years

There's nothing else to call it besides a real Christmas miracle!

Fifteen years ago David Penner lost his wedding ring while buying a Christmas tree at Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm in New Jersey.

He searched for it and even came back later to look again, without any luck.

After all these years this story finally has a happy ending, thanks to the farm's owner, John Wyckoff, and his sharp eyes.

While riding on a tractor and putting trees in the ground, Wyckoff noticed something shining in the dirt. It turned out to be a wedding ring, with a date and these words written inside:

"To David. Love, Nancy."

Wyckoff shared his discovery with a local news website, but didn't reveal the date inscribed on the ring.

Penner's sister-in-law saw the story and told him right away. He knew immediately the ring was his and drove out to the farm to get it back.

Once Penner dug up his marriage certificate to prove it was his, he was finally reunited with the ring.

Sadly, Penner's wife Nancy passed away earlier this year. Even so, Penner says he finds solace in getting his ring back.

"This was a piece to come back to me, in her absence," he said.

Throughout the years since he lost the ring, Penner never bothered to replace it, saying that being together with Nancy for 42 years was good enough. "We had each other," said Penner. "That was the main thing."

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