A Cop Threw Out His Dog Like A Piece Of Garbage, But Now Look

A veteran cop with the Philadelphia Police Department is facing animal cruelty charges after he attempted to throw a live dog away inside a trash bag.

Workers found a living, but very malnourished female pit bull inside the bag and immediately called authorities. A microchip ID linked the dog, named Cranberry, to Officer Michael Long. Police also matched the sheet the dog had been wrapped in to one belonging to Long.

Cranberry in bag
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Philidelphia PD says Long was suspended for 30 days following the arrest and plans to dismiss him.

Cranberry was so thin her ribs could be counted through her skin, and she needed months to recover in an SPCA shelter. Gillian Kocher spent much of that time helping Cranberry heal.

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"From the moment (she) arrived she was just the sweetest thing you could imagine," she said. "Even in her weakened state she would wag her tail when she saw you coming. When she was strong enough she would curl herself into your lap."

The story made headlines and thankfully Cranberry now has a loving home with a man who saw her on the news.

"She has a wonderful life now," said Kocher, "and we couldn't be more happy about that."

Cranberry Smile
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Any story of animal abuse is shocking, but when it comes at the hands of a person sworn to uphold the law it's even more infuriating.

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