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A Friendly Dog Worked His Way Into Every Photo Of A Small Island [Photos]

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Somewhere off the coast of the Korean Peninsula there is a very tiny island. On that island there lives a dog that is very friendly. No this isn't the start of a new children's book, it's actually a description of the best Google-style street mapping ever photographed.

The island of Jukdo is adorably small, just 0.45 miles by 0.3 miles, and, according to the 2004 census, is only called home by one family of 3. Since so few people inhabit the island there's never been much need to digitally map it.


Someone finally did, and it has led to some of the best photobombing ever. We don't know this dog's name, but this mystery dog surely wasn't shy. He followed an intrepid mapper everywhere he went on the island.


First some background on what was going on. You've probably seen the Google street car. It drives all around the world taking photographs every few feet. Google's compiled the web's best mapping system thanks in part to those photo graphs.


Daum is a company in Korea that does something very similar to Google as far as mapping goes. They sent someone to Jukdo to hike the island, taking pictures as they went. Mapping with walkers isn't new, in fact it's the only way to get detailed accounts of off-road areas like National Parks, mountain trails and other such places.


When the photographer set first set foot on the island he was greeted by the smiling face of one of the island's few inhabitants. The resident quickly became a guide for the young mapper.

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