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A Genius Built This Robot And Trained His Naughty Cat Overnight

Cats, as we all know, are jerks. They may be fuzzy and lovable, but they also love to get into trouble. They go where they're not welcome, they knock things over, and good luck getting them to stop doing any of these because they just do not listen.

James Watts knows this as well as anyone. His cats were tearing up his carpet (for fun, probably) and he had no idea how to make them stop. He tried spraying them with a water bottle when they misbehaved, but he says that only taught them to act nice when he was around.

Every morning, he would wake up to find they had done it again. There's a serious shortage of obedience schools for cats, so the next best thing was designing and building his own guard robot to keep his cat from misbehaving.

Here's evidence of his cat's bad behavior:

And this is the machine he used to teach it a lesson:

The robot is basically a windshield wiper tank full of water attached to a motion sensor. James set his creation up next to his cat's favorite scratching spot, and when the device noticed his pet pulling up the carpet, it automatically swiveled towards it and gently sprayed it.

James spent over a year planning, assembling and programming his robot, but it only took one night for this machine to teach his cat who's boss, and James' carpets have been safe ever since. Unfortunately, James hasn't recorded any video of his project working, but we can assume it looks something like this:

James did a little research and he's found that he's the first person to design an automatic cat guard, and he's patented his invention, so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to buy one. If you can't wait, he's shared his process here so you can try building your own.

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