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A Hidden Snow Leopard Waits To Pounce On Its Prey, Do You See Him?

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Hidden somewhere in this photo is a big cat, just meters away from the oblivious long-horned Ibex. The cat is so well camouflaged, he is in no hurry to attack his prey and appears to be waiting for just the right moment to strike.

The ignorant Ibex stands at the bottom left corner, but where is the cat?

Here's a hint: it's a snow leopard, and he looks like this one:

The photo was taken by 21-year-old Nirali Mehta, a student from Mumbai, India.

"It was a breathtaking moment for me. We had traveled from the plains to the elevation of 3,712 metres braving minus degrees to track the snow leopards which are extremely shy animals and are rarely seen," she tells the Daily Mail.

It's a wonder she was able to see it at all! Can you spot the camouflaged snow leopard?

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