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A Little Boy's Note On This Toy Lead To An Incredible Reunion

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Liverpool Echo

It all began with a stuffed panda hidden on a shelf full of stuffed giraffes. An Asda employee from Hunt's Cross, England discovered the toy, but before he could put it back where it belonged he noticed a note scribbled in a child's handwriting on the box.

“My mum didn’t have enough money to buy me Pandy," the note read, "so she’s buying me Pandy on 15th June so please don’t buy him as it will make me sad and I will cry, thank you so much from hopeful future owner."

The employee, David Bateman, was so moved by the note that he did just what it asked. Normally the store won't hold products for customers, but Bateman couldn't bring himself to turn down the request. He posted a photo of the heartbreaking note on Facebook, asking people to help him find "Pandy's new home," and track down the child who wrote the note.

The store went all out, holding the toy in the stockroom and making a daily announcement over the intercom to help track Pandy's owner down. Finally, 10-year-old Leon Ashworth came back to the store to claim his stuffed friend.

But Leon had a few heartwarming surprises in store.

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