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A Marine Was About To Lose His 2 Rescue Dogs, Then This Millionaire Stepped In

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It's not unusual for soldiers to bring souvenirs home from their time overseas, but Marine Staff Sergeant Andrew Morales brought 2 very unique gifts back to his family when he returned from Afghanistan: a pair of Anatolian shepherd mixes named Dusty and Wyatt.

Morales found the dogs during his tour of duty. They're a pair of brothers from the same litter, and while he doesn't know anything about their past, it seems like they were lucky to survive. Their ears and tails have been clipped, which Morales believes is a sign they were used for dog fighting.

Morales adopted the dogs, and when his tour ended he brought them back to his home in California with the help of a rescue group. The big, adorable mutts quickly became a part of the family, and his wife Kristen calls them her "babies."

But when Morales was re-deployed to a military base in North Caroline, the family hit a snag. Morales's airline let him buy tickets for the dogs, but then said they were "too big" to fly. Morales tried to reschedule, but every airline told him the same thing: he would have to leave the dogs behind.

Luckily, that's when a total stranger offered to help in the most amazing way possible.

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