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A Mother's Gift: 61 Year Old Woman Carries Grandchild for Daughter Who Couldn't

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When you look at a mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know. That rings true for the mother-daughter bond between Kristine Casey and Sara Connell.

Their touching journey began several years ago, with unfortunate heartbreak. Sara and her husband Bill struggled to expand their family.

After going through 6 cycles of in-vitro fertilization, Sara was overjoyed to hear that she was pregnant with twins! Tragically after she went into premature labor, the babies were stillborn.

When she managed to become pregnant again, she miscarried. The couple then struggled with the fact that Sara could not carry a pregnancy to term.

The couple didn't want to give up their dreams of having a family, so they began to look at hiring a surrogate to carry their baby for them.

That's when Kristine Casey, Sara's mother who was 60 years old at the time, made an offer that left them surprised.

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