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A New App Lets Your Cats Take Selfies

The big trend in pet accessories right now is toys that keep your fuzzy friends engaged while you're away at work. For instance, this Petcube lets you distract your cat with laser pointers from anywhere in the world using your smart phone. The downside is these gadgets are usually very expensive. Buying the Petcube would set you back $200.

But a new app will let you keep your cats entertained for almost nothing, and help a good cause at the same time.

Candid Catmera by Brooklyn developers Current Studios plays looping animation designed to attract your cats, then snaps a photo of your cat's face and uploads it to social media.

The app includes six different animations based off things cats love, like fish, mice, laser pointers, and even a can opener. Once your feline friend is reeled in, the app automatically recognizes your cat's face and snaps a picture, which it shares with you online.

Current's president Nathan Kroll says the idea came about while trying to design an Instagram style app for cats - which would have been the greatest idea ever - but the project gradually evolved into this interesting way to entertain your kitty.

And don't feel like you're only spoiling your cat by buying this app, one dollar from every purchase of the $1.99 app will be donated to the SPCA, who helped Current test out the app on real cats. So really, you're keeping your cat engaged, and helping to support cats who need the help most.

Bad news for dog lovers, the app only works on cats and there's no plan to update it anytime soon. Kroll says that cats faces are easier for the program to recognize, because there are so many different breeds of dogs.

"Just think how different a Great Dane looks compared to a pug," he said.

Oh well. For now, cat lovers will be glad they have a way to keep their cats from making trouble during the day,

Is this idea purrrrfect, or a cat-astrophe?

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