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A New Movie Tells Vincent van Gogh's Story Using 60,000 Oil Paintings

Some movies are so beautiful that people say every shot is a work of art, but for a new movie about the life of famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh that's really true.

Loving Vincent is an animated film that explores the life of the troubled painter through 94 of his most famous works. First, actors were filmed playing the different parts. Then, a team of 94 oil painters painted over the scenes, using van Gogh's style.

The result is a really cool feature length film that uses 62,450 new paintings.

Dorota Kobiela, the film's director and writer, spent 4 years with a team of artists just to figure out how to make the movie, then another 2 actually shooting and painting it.

She said that lots of people doubted whether the idea of painting a whole movie would work, but she never gave up on making the movie her way.

Loving Vincent will be the world's first fully painted film, and it will probably stay the world's only painted film for a while, because this looks like a lot of work!

If you want to see a little bit more about how the film was made, there's a great look at the process here. I get tired just thinking about all of those paintings!

There's no release date just yet, but you can expect to see Loving Vincent at a theater near you sometime this year.

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