A Stranger Made The Ultimate Donation To Help Save This Town's Abandoned Animals

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It's the kind of thing that only happens in the movies. A mysterious benefactor leaves a big chunk of his estate to a stranger, and seemingly solves all their problems. Except this isn't a movie, and the "stranger" in this story is a small Animal Shelter that was having a hard time making ends meet.

The New Westminster Animal Shelter is a very small shelter in rural British Columbia, Canada. It's No Kill policy makes running on a budget hard, especially when animals come in needing special treatment for broken bones, bites or extensive dental work. Their website says their goal is to re-home the abandoned animals of the city of New Westminster (population around 70,000), but doing that isn't easy. They try to rehabilitate body body and mind - and that's not cheap.

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The shelter doesn't have the huge capacity problems of shelters in the big city, but that also means they don't get many of the donations that shelters in more populous centers receive either.

That is until a kind Daryl Mutz passed away earlier this year. In his will he left $275,000 to the shelter, a place he had never visited and run by people he had never met.

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