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A Texas Zoo Is Having A Baby Shower For Their Orangutans - And They're Registered At Target

Being a new parent is a tough job, and  it's important to help them get started on the right foot.

That's why the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas is hosting a baby shower for Mei and KJ, two of their orangutans. They're asking the public to help the happy couple welcome their new child with a collection of gifts specially chosen by zoo staff.

The 178 gifts on the registry are each less than $25, and meant either to help take care of the apes and their new baby - like bedding, bowls, towels - or to enrich the orangutans by distracting and entertaining them. Pool noodles, DVDs, toy pianos, and CDs are all included on the list.

"The games and musical toys are used to stimulate their minds and is also an exercise," the zoo's public relations manager Duane McGregor told Today.

That being said, the list specifically includes classics like Space jam, The Princess Bride, and Adele's smash hit album 25, so either the zookeepers have great taste or these orangutans do.

The happy couple will open their gifts live at a public event on December 18th. Almost everything on the list has already been purchased, so when Mei gives birth sometime in late January expect her child to be spoiled rotten.

Is this party a great idea, or is this zoo just up to monkey business? Let us know what you think!

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