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A Truly Remarkable Thing Happened On Masterchef Junior

People everywhere love Masterchef challenges and it only gets better when children step up to the counter. In Spain, Masterchef Junior is a major hit. Thousands tune in to watch brilliant young cooks compete for the prestigious title of Master Chef.

But, what happened one night got the attention of millions.

This is sweet little Laura.

At just 8 years old, she is one of the younger competitors on the show. The older kids mostly ignored her because she was so young, but she was definitely one of the best contestants.

Everyone watching was SURE she would win.

But, during a major test, something went terribly wrong.

The contestants had to copy and cook at the SAME TIME as a professional chef.

There was no time for distractions and sweet, tiny Laura, whose pots and pans were already to big for her, got burnt.

She tried to carry on, fighting back tears, but the burn had to be treated. At this point, everyone was crying.

They thought she was done for.


Lukas swooped in and COOKED HER DISH.

He jumped between the stations and cooked BOTH meals until little Laura could return!

No one could believe what they were seeing - Spain bawled.

Even after Laura came back with her fingers bandaged, Lucas kept helping her!

It was obvious that she was still in pain, so the judges asked her twice if she wanted to leave. Eventually, she said yes and was carried off.

Spain was still bawling, but, this time, for another reason:

Lucas made it to the final!

It's in Spanish, but you'll cry too when you see these kids in action:

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