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A Woman Won Her Fight To Keep This 6 Foot Gator As Her Pet

Mary Thorn isn't your typical pet owner. The Florida woman owns dogs, but also a nearly six foot-long alligator named Rambo, who she has fought for almost a year to keep.

Rambo was raised from birth in a tank inside a dark closet with five other alligators. When they were rescued 11 years ago, Thorn volunteered to help look after them. Sadly, the five other alligators died, but since then Thorn has looked after Rambo, calling him her "little baby."

But the pair were almost seperated earlier this year when the Florida Fish and Wildlife bureau tried to remove Rambo from her home. In an early Christmas surprise, the agency has announced they're reversing their decision, and Rambo will be allowed to stay with the woman who calls herself his "mama."

Thorn claims that Rambo is fully trained and domesticated. During the day he waddles around her home, and apparently he's even learned a special "wiggle dance" to tell his owner he needs to go outside.

State officials originally tried to remove Rambo because Thorn's home is too small, but changed their minds this week. They did make a few new rules: Thorn isn't allowed to display Rambo in public for charity events and educational classes like she used to.

But that's alright for Thorn, who's just glad her beloved pet gets to stay with her. She was worried that if Rambo was released into the wild, the pampered reptile would be easy prey for other gators.

"All my kids are grown," she says, "so all I have are my animals."

There's no telling if Rambo will miss dressing up for his fans, but we're sure he's happy he gets to stay with someone who loves him so much.

Do you think Rambo belongs with Mary, or should he be out in the wild?

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