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Abandoned Cat Does The Sweetest Thing For These Sick Animals

When this beautiful, black cat was brought to them as a two-month-old kitten, he was deathly ill with an inflamed respiratory tract infection.  His owner left him to die, at the Polish clinic. But Veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich, saw that he was a little fighter and nursed the little kitten back to health.

Since his illness was so serious, he had to be put into isolation. It was such a trauma that the little guy lost his shiny black fur. Slowly, but surely, the kitten grew stronger and recovered under the tender care of Kuziel-Zawalich.

She adopted the little kitten and named him Rademenes.

But that's just the beginning. Rademenes is a permanent member of the animal hospital and has taken up a very important role. He is the resident nurse animal and professional cuddler for the sick.

In an interview with TVN Meteo, a Polish news channel, Kuziel-Zawalich says that Rademenes "gives hugs to every pet in the shelter."

"When animals are brought in, Rademenes goes up to them and supports them - especially as they rest after surgery."

Rademenes knows what it's like to be alone after surgery, so he snuggles the other animals up close.

He'll keep their tails warm...

and watch over them, just in case...

He even offers kisses and helps other sick animals with "bath time" after surgery.

Thank goodness they were able to rescue this beautiful little animal. He has brought so much comfort to others, it's like he was born to do it!

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