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These Abandoned Cats Were Left To Die In The Snow

When Imgur user, provinciallife got a message from their dad about a pair of abandoned kittens, they weren't sure what to expect.

He had been driving down a particularly snowy road when he came across a small white box, hidden in the snow at the side of the road. It was almost invisible, but because he had been driving slowly, he noticed it and stopped.

After work, provinciallife and their father went back to see if the kittens were still there.

A long and lonely road, these abandoned cats must have seen dozens of cars drive past without stopping.

The box looks like a small, Styrofoam cooler.

Provinciallife noticed that the box had been positioned under a fallen tree, maybe to keep the lid on tight.

It was a heartbreaking sight.

Inside was a cold and dirty cat - someone appeared to have been feeding it, but why did they leave them in the snow?

A closer look revealed a second, sick kitten.

The two decided to bring the poor things home...

The cat at the back of the box was healthier and stronger than the other...

They were terrified of being separated - they meowed until they were brought back together.

The cat at the front of the box was very sick - covered in feces, urine and mucus was encrusted around its eyes and nose.

They decided to give the poor kitties a bath - you can tell how malnourished they were...

But they began to feel better once they were wrapped up into cozy purritos and cuddled.

Soon, they were up and walking!

Provinciallife reminded everyone that they should be really sure before they adopt a cat. Because according to your pet, family is forever.

"If you're going to get a cat, make sure you do research first. Cats are a furrever friend. They're not disposable, despite what the person who abandoned these cats might think. My dad came home after work and told me he found a box with two kittens in it. But I could never prepare myself for what we found."

The family decided to keep both cats and name them Tango (healthy) and Cash (sick). Although they recovered with a treatment of antibiotics and plenty of TLC, little Cash had his tail amputated because of a festering wound.

Provinciallife thanked the donors on Imgur for all of their support and help.

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