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Abandoned Dog Looked Like She Was Dying, Her Transformation Is Incredible

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On the bustling streets of Udaipur, India, as people go about their daily lives, sometimes the city's animals are lost in the shuffle.

When an abandoned dog, cat, goat, cow or any other kind of animal needs to be rescued, citizens call Animal Aid Unlimited. At any hour of the day, the charity is ready to jump into action to rescue the city's four-legged residents.

Cherry, a street dog who was found abandoned, was one of the animals they were called to protect.

Over more than a decade working in Udaipur the charity has treated over 60,000 animals, but this poor dog was one of the worst cases they've seen.

Her skin was covered in gross, green mange that looks like barnacles, you could see her ribs through her skin, and she was covered in bugs.

Rescuers thought she looked like she was ready to die,  but their love transformed her into a whole new dog.

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