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Absolutely Disgraceful: Vandals Destroy College's 9/11 Memorial

On the 15th anniversary of the terror attack, late in the night, vandals destroyed the 9/11 memorial at Los Angeles' Occidental College.

All of the 2,997 American flags that were placed in the college's quad had been vandalized. Each flag represented a victim who tragically perished in those terrible attacks 15 years ago. The Occidental College Republican Club had arranged for the flags and the memorial to be placed throughout the campus in tribute to their loss and sacrifice.

After midnight, vandals crushed, snapped and threw every single American flag into the garbage on campus. Not a single flag was left on the ground, posters and flyers were also mounted on the quad shaming the victims of 9/11.

When members of the club were alerted to the damage, 15 of them woke up at 1:00 A.M. and went about the tedious task of collecting all of the broken flags and returning them to their places in the earth.

After the memorial was restored, the students went to bed. In the morning, they woke to a second attempt at vandalism: hundreds of flags had been smashed and about 50 flags had been thrown in the trash.  Again, the Occidental College Republican Club restored the flags.

In a statement issued by the College, "disciplinary action will be taken" once those responsible for the incident have been identified.

No matter what we believe politically, the victims in this terrible tragedy were real - they had lives and loved ones that were forever destroyed by the terror of that day. We need to remember that it wasn't just the 2,997 individuals that lost their lives that day - but 2,997 families that lost their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and friends. It is important now, more than ever, to remember the massive loss of life and to honor those victims and heroes who perished on that day.

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