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Acne Sucks, But It Just Might Be The Secret To Extended Youth

Got acne? Well, the scientists at King's College in London have a silver lining for you.

Sure, those unsightly puss-filled blemishes are majorly embarrassing, but they just might be a sign of prolonged youth.

The New York Post reported that the authors of a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, determined that zit-prone skin ages more slowly than clear skin.

The scientists examined the white blood cells of over 1,205 British female twins, a quarter of whom had previously experienced acne. They discovered that the acne sufferers had "significantly" longer white blood cell telomeres than their counterparts.


White blood cell telomeres protect cells from breaking down as they replicate. This means that acne sufferers have a leg-up on maintaining that youthful glow. Unfortunately, they still have to contend with zits and scarring. Personally, I'd give up the acne for a couple of crows feet.

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