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Adidas Ignored This Student's Commercial But It's Not That Big Of A Deal

Finding an advertisement that resonates with the world is pretty hard, right now.

With social media and an overload of information, it's easy for your message to get lost in the crowd. It takes something really special to stand out and stick with your audience.

Sports company Adidas, according to a lot of people, missed a golden opportunity to take on a student-made commercial about their shoes. 26-year-old filmmaker Eugen Merher has made headlines everywhere because of his advert. People seem to love the story and how well it's filmed.

"We tried sending it to [Adidas'] communications department but they didn't really react," Eugen told The Huffington Post.

This is the video:

The video has gone insanely viral, with almost 10 million people viewing it in a month. When you first look at it, it's touching. The story of a man who rediscovers his love of running.

But as you look deeper into it, there are a lot of questions to be answered:

  • Why isn't he allowed to run?
  • Why is he in a home?
  • What is he in a home for?
  • Does he have dementia?
  • Why are the staff so mean to him?
  • When he leaves the home at the end, is that symbolic of him dying?
  • If he really DOES have dementia, how can they let him going running by himself near a lake??

Of course, advertisements are always extreme and don't follow the rules of reality. But for a company like Adidas, who is aiming their products at a younger audience and want to show their gear is built for extreme athleticism, it doesn't make sense to have an elderly man as their marketing campaign.

The commercial is really well made and very moving. It's a beautiful short film about doing what you love, regardless of age, but it's understandable why Adidas didn't pick it up. Plus, they now get free advertising and publicity from this extremely professional-looking commercial that they never asked Eugen Merher to make.

What do you think about the ad? Should Adidas have picked it up, or were they smart in leaving it to the public to spread around? Let us know!

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