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Adopted Senior Cat Becomes A Special Prom Date

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It takes a very special heart to adopt a senior cat. After Lissa Tilley and her children Michael and Liz, said goodbye to their French Miniature Poodle after 14 years they decided to open their hearts and home to a new animal.

After visiting the Humane Society of Harford County to adopt a dog, they found themselves getting pulled into the cat area.

That's when they met Tigger.

"They told us his story of how he'd been with a lady his whole life and she recently passed away. Her family wasn't able to keep him but told the shelter that he was just the nicest cat and were sorry to have to surrender him," Lissa told Love Meow.

After the mother and daughter made up their mind to give Tigger a forever home, the Humane Society began to celebrate for the senior cat.

"The Humane Society staff began to get so excited that Tigger, the 19 year old cat was about to be adopted. Staff was buzzing and kept coming up to us saying this is GREAT NEWS!"

That's when Tigger and Liz began their unbreakable bond.

They do homework together, laundry, internet shopping, video games and he is a great study partner. He loves to pat us on the hand or arm when he wants to have a treat or more petting," Lissa added.

See how Tigger was involved in Liz's prom on the next page.

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