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Adweek Has Picked The 10 Best Commercials Of 2016

Commercials are mostly annoying or forgettable, and if you watch TV on your DVR you might just fast-forward through them. But every year there are a handful of ads that are really worth watching, ones that are smart, funny, and memorable.

The magazine Adweek has ranked this year's 10 best commercials. They include celebrities poking fun at themselves, incredible slow-motion photography, and some wicked dance moves. You may not run out to buy the products, but these ads will certainly capture your imagination.

So stay tuned! These are the 10 best ads of 2016:

10. Apple Music, 'Taylor vs. Treadmill'

This ad was short and sweet. It had the world's biggest pop star, a smash hit hip-hop song, and a funny  twist ending. Oh, and of course it has over 20 million views on YouTube.

9. Old Spice, 'Rocket Car'

Old Spice's silly commercials have become part of the brand. While their Rocket Car ad doesn't hold a candle to their classic The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ad, it was funny enough to earn the #9 spot on the list.

8. Morton Salt, 'OK Go: The One Moment'

The band OK Go are famous for their incredibly complicated music videos, but this video for their single "The One Moment" - which also features an ad for Morton Salt and their "Walk Her Walk" initiative - went above and beyond. Seven cameras attached to robotic arms film a series of hundreds of crazy events over 4.2 seconds, then play everything back in slow-motion.

7. Kenzo, 'My Mutant Brain'

This ad for the KENZO World fragrance answers the eternal question: how do you advertise a perfume on television? For director Spike Jonze, the answer involved silly faces, crazy dance moves, and Leftovers star Margaret Qualley.

6. Jeep, 'Portraits'

Using dramatic black and white portraits, this ad for Jeep's 75th anniversary set itself apart from other Super Bowl ads. Managing to connect the iconic car's military past with Hollywood glamour in one ad is impressive enough, but Jeep managed to do it without showing any footage of their cars.

5. H&M, 'Come Together'

This quaint and funny Christmas ad is really a short film by Rushmore director Wes Anderson, although H&M's clothes are on display throughout.

4. Sandy Hook Promise, 'Evan'

Both sweet and heartbreaking, this PSA about the warning signs of a school shooting took everyone by surprise this year. Warning: this commercial gets pretty intense towards the end.

3. Nike, 'Da Da Ding'

Colorful and fun, this Indian ad by sports giant Nike also has a serious purpose: highlighting women in sports in a country where female athleticism has an "image problem." Combining everyday athletes with Indian sports stars, this ad captures the joy of movement.

2. Audi, 'Duel'

If you tuned in to the presidential debates, you probably saw this cheeky ad from Audi about two valets who fight over the privilege of parking an Audi. Shot in reverse, you're forced to watch this ad over and over again to reconstruct all the details of their epic duel.

1. Under Armour, 'Rule Yourself: Michael Phelps'

This commercial is so good, you'll forget it's trying to sell you something. Showcasing all the hard work that went into Michael Phelps' gold medal-winning performance in Rio, this sad and beautiful ad shows another side of an athlete everyone knows.

Did your favorite ad from this year make the list? Let us know!

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