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After 10 Years Chained In The Yard, Rescue Group Finally Saves This Sweet Senior Dog

A senior dog had spent her entire life chained up in a muddy yard, with no comforts or love. The neighbors had called animal welfare several times over the ten years they lived next to them but nothing ever changed.

Finally, they had enough and called a rescue group that broke her free and brought her to safety. They couldn't believe the condition she was in. Her hair was matted with feces and mud, so much so she couldn't even lift her tail. She also had clear damage to her hind legs and they weren't able to move properly.

The caring vets groomed her, bathed her and gave her the love she was so desperately needing. Once the hair was freed on her tail she was able to start wagging again. This sweet old girl was over-due for some luck, and she got it when a lovely couple adopted her and gave her the life she deserves.

They got a cart for her hind legs so she could trot along without dragging her feet and she fit right in with the family for camping trips and visits to the dog park. They called her Judith and gave her a perfect life and were grateful to have her.

If you see an animal in danger, speak out. They don't deserve to be treated poorly and they can't speak for themselves.

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