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His Small Gesture Went Viral, After Chelsea Attacks In New York, Proving That Kindness Conquers Fear

Just six days after the city marked the 15th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks, the mostly residential New York neighborhood was shaken by what authorities think might be one of a series of 'intentional acts.'

On the evening of September 17, a bomb exploded with a deafening blast in the neighborhood of Chelsea. Windows shattered and 29 innocent bystanders were pelted with the flying shrapnel.

The point of the bomb was to strike fear and despair into the hearts of the people of New York, but this neighborhood would not be terrorized. Instead, the residents showed up with compassion and support in small ways that added up to make a big difference:

They took care of their cops:

Waves of citizens arrived the next morning to thank and praise the first responders for their work, among them was a Starbucks employee named Jermaine.

This guy shows up with an armload of coffee, cups, milk, cream and sugar for the police officers. As he passes them over the barrier, the officers are surprised and they thank him for his kindness. In the short clip uploaded by KnightNews.com, Jermaine says he wishes that he could do more, but this act of solidarity speaks volumes.

They took care of their neighbors:

Later, The Standard, High Line - a popular hotel in Chelsea, offered rooms and dinner to the residents who were affected by the explosions on Saturday night. The invitation was open to people living on 23rd, between 6th and 7th with proof of address.

Residents were given a free dinner, up to $150, at the hotel's restaurant and two tickets to the Standard Beer Garden.

Over 3,000 people spread the message on Facebook, and just hours later, the hotel and restaurant were full. A second message was posted on the Standard, High Line's Facebook announcing that they were at capacity; but, in contact with other hotels in the neighborhood who might be willing to help.

These and many other small acts of kindness are an inspiring testament to the resilience of New Yorkers, and proof that love is still the answer.

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