Bullies Tried To Shame Her, But She Got The Last Laugh

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After being bullied for years and being called names such as whale, pig, fatty and ugly, Kiersten Zimmerman couldn't take it anymore.

“It would get to me a lot of the time. I mean, I would come home and cry sometimes. Especially because I had no confidence back then. I thought what they were saying was true. I was a whale, or extremely obese, or a waste of air,” she recalled.

She tried dieting and searched for ways to lose weight. At some points she tried starving herself and when that failed she would binge-eat when her family wasn't looking.

“I thought maybe if I don’t eat for a couple days maybe I’ll drop three pounds and I’ll look better than I did the day before,” she said.

Eventually she hit rock-bottom and resorted to self-harm.

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