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An Airline Is Making Passengers Step On A Scale - But It's Not Why You Think

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RAF Fairford

Last October, Hawaiin Airlines conducted a similar six-month survey with a less than satisfying result.

A Hawaiian Airlines spokeswoman said, "Over time our fuel burn on Pago Pago flights was consistently much higher than projected, indicating that our weight assumptions were inaccurate."

In 2013, Samoa Air became the first national carrier to charge passengers based on their weight.

The former airline was allowed to charge its occupants for their ticket based on each kilogram they weighed. The passengers were then assigned seats to ensure an equal amount of weight was distributed around the cabin.

After Finnair finishes retrieving the data from its winter survey, the airline will resume the practice in the summer, as the change in temperature and lighter clothing will produce different results.

Would you go on a scale at the airport?

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