Airline Requires Their Job Applicants To Take A Pregnancy Test And People Are Outraged

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Airline companies can't seem to catch a break lately and frankly their own policies are to blame. Earlier in the year, multiple U.S. airlines were subject to public relations crisis for the mistreatment of passengers.

United Airlines was under fire for forcibly removing a passenger off the plane due to overbooking and prior to that they were called out by angry parents for failing to let two teenage girls board their flight because of they were dressed. Soon after, an American Airlines passenger was kicked off a flight for using the washroom and in a separate incident one of their flight attendants was filmed getting in an altercation with a distressed mother.

Now, just when you began to think that most airlines would learn from past mistakes and try not to repeat them, another international airline is stirring up some controversy for a very peculiar reason.

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One of the largest airlines in the world, Iberia, opened up applications for various job positions including flight attendants. Normally jobs that deal with the public require employees to submit background checks, drug tests and even results of medical exams, but Iberia is taking it one step further by asking its female applicants to take pregnancy tests.

Although, it is not unusual to restrict expectant mothers in their final trimester from flying, forcing potential employees to take pregnancy tests is certainly not normal occurrence.

The Spanish airline released a statement to address the controversy and stand by its decision, however the backlash they've since received is costing them more than they imagined.

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