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JetBlue Faces Lawsuit After Sending A 5-Year-Old Boy To The Wrong City

Airlines make mistakes, that is fair. Luggage gets lost or seats get over booked, but losing someone's child is a different other ball game. Maribel Martinez was waiting at JFK Airport in New York where her son Andy was supposed to be delivered, although the kid the airline brought her was not him. Andy had been switched with a boy that was heading to Boston's Logan airport 215 miles away.

Martinez and her son traveled to Dominican Republic in July to stay with family. She returned after a week, leaving Andy with family, scheduled to return on August 17th. His flight was a non-stop flight. His aunt brought him to the airport and made sure he was all set to go with a crew member taking him through all the lines with his identification bracelet on. But when the plane arrived in New York and the chaperone brought a boy to Martinez it was not him.

"I thought he was kidnapped, I thought I would never see him again." - Martinez

JetBlue is being sued by Martinez with the lawsuit citing ""great emotional distress, extreme fear, horror, mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma". Which any parent can imagine how this mother must have felt.

After three hours the airline was able to locate the boy and Martinez was able to speak to her son who said "Mami, they put me on another plane".

JetBlue has released a statement in the wake of this incident, acknowledging the distress.

"Upon learning of the error, our teams in JFK and Boston immediately took steps to assist the children in reaching their correct destinations. While the children were always under the care and supervision of JetBlue crew members, we realize this situation was distressing for their families." - Tamara Young, spokeswoman for JetBlue

We are glad that the kids are back with their families and hope that this situation will never happen again.

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