Alaskan Cat Mayor Dead After 15 Years In Office

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Back in 1997, the residents of a small town in Alaska were fed up with their elected officials so instead they wrote-in a rescue cat to become mayor and the rest was history.

For 15 years, the remarkable Mayor Stubbs has represented the people of Talkeetna without issues, but unfortunately his honorary reign came to an end on July 23 when he took his final nap.

The part-manx feline was found in 1997 abandoned in a box in the parking lot of Nagley's general store. Lauri Stec, the owner of the store, was the one who made the discovery and decided to keep Stubbs.


After winning the elections that same year, Stubbs was given an office at Nagley's and he soon became one of the most famous cats in the U.S. Tourists came from all over to pay visits to the popular mayor and he has even been featured in magazines!  

"Over 75% of visitors ask 'Where's the mayor?' or come in with this statement 'I have an appointment with the mayor,'" the news release said. "I think we heard those two statements over 100 times a day during our first year."

Unfortunately, old age and the stress of the job started to affect his health in the last few years. Since 2015, Stubbs has slowly retracted from the spotlight and made very few public appearances.

"Stubbs did a couple TV shows and more than a handful of interviews, but was not fond of the camera and all the people; it had gotten to be too much for him," his owners said.

The steady decline led to his eventual demise and people everywhere are mourning the loss.

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