Albert Einstein's "Theory Of Happiness" Sells For $1.5 Million

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A handwritten note by one of history's most famous scientists has just sold for a small fortune at auction.

Einstein authored more than 300 scientific papers.Mads Madsen

That's not the type of collectible that many people chase after, but when you learn that the scientist was Albert Einstein, it makes more sense. Einstein was born in Germany but later moved to the United States. He became famous and successful for developing the theory of relativity, the mass-energy equivalence (E = mc2) and his work on the Manhattan Project to develop nuclear weapons.

Einstein was visiting Japan when he learned he had won the Nobel Prize.Wikimedia

But before he was successful and world famous, Einstein was just a physicist trying to make a name for himself. That's the situation he was in during a 1922 trip to Japan, when he learned that he had won the Nobel Prize in physics. The award changed Einstein's life, but not right away.

It turns out the then 43-year-old scientist didn't even have any money on him when a courier arrived at Tokyo's Imperial Hotel with a package for Einstein. Instead of a tip, Einstein gave the courier a handwritten note, and promised it "will probably be worth more than a regular tip" someday.

It turns out he was right, because Einstein's note explaining his "theory of happiness" just sold for $1.6 million...

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