You Won't Believe Who Joined Her On Stage...

All Right Stop , Collaborate & Listen, You may know her as DJ Tanner, but she goes by Candace Cameron Bure these days. An icon on our TV screens growing up in the 1980-90s, Full House was a staple of TGIF Friday's and recently adopted a whole new audience with the reboot from Netflix. If you have been paying attention then you might be aware that Candace has been sitting at the Hot Topics table of The View for season 19, with Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symone and comedian Michelle Collins.

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Posted by The View on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yesterday was a special day though. Candace participated in a version of Co-Host Karaoke that had a twist which left all of us throwback kids pretty happy.

She wasn't kidding either - I'd say Candace rocked that karaoke. Who knew she could RAP? You could even say , to the extreme she rocked the mic like a vandal. Lit up the stage and wax a chump like a candle... The best part is... well I won't ruin it. Watch and see who joins her on stage!

Candace Cameron Bure Raps With Vanilla IceCandace Cameron Bure rocked her karaoke performance of "Ice Ice Baby" with Vanilla Ice!
Posted by The View on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Now that the party is jumping, With the bass kicked in, the fingers are pumpin'.... Ahhhh, I can't contain my excitement! It was her 40th birthday party and I think she ROCKED it! Here's what Candace had to say: "This may have been one of my most fun days ever!!! 40=who cares how silly you look if you're having a blast! ‪#‎GoForIt‬ Have confidence no matter what." I couldn't agree with her more. What about you? Here she is after her big performance!

Candace Cameron Bure Reacts To "Ice Ice Baby" KaraokeCandace Cameron Bure was jumping for joy backstage after her TV karaoke debut with Vanilla Ice: "It's going down in the history books!"
Posted by The View on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I think I'm going to start calling her Can-dance... I think she did a great job and this made her one of the coolest moms in the world.

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